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  Art Galleries: Loja Reticências Access the bookstore by clicking on the links below: Hidden in the Way - Aisthesis of Pareidolia Escondidos no Caminho - Aisthesis da Pareidolia Access the shirt store by clicking on the link below: SHOP Access the NFT sale by accessing the link below: NFT Shop Studio Price: Price parameters for physical works: - Painting on canvas (acrylic or oil) 2,000.00 USD  the square meter (R$ 10,000.00 - ten thousand BRL o m2). - Works on paper, prints on paper or canvas 1,000.00 USD the square meter  (R$ 5,000.00 - five thousand BRL o m2). Price parameters for digital works: - Licensing, copyright assignment, digital art, and NFTs from 4000 USD the square meter. Free PDFs Pensamento Abissal, Colonialiade e as Artes Visuais em Cuiabá Chapada dos Guimarães - 30 Anos do Plano Diretor para o Turismo